BBQ Grills

The Thrill of the Grill!

Freestanding gas cart grills give you the freedom to put your BBQ anywhere you need it. Built in grills add value and appeal to any outdoor area, and portable grills let you grill anywhere: in the woods or at the tailgate. We carry gas grills by Broilking, Broilmaster, Fire Magic, MHP, Profire, Solaire, Weber, and more.

Feel the Thrill of the Grill and Get Cookin’, in Style! Top quality Barbecue Grills give you consistent, reliable performance and long-lasting durability for many years to come. At Fireplace and Grill Center and Gas Appliance Service, your next Barbeque Grill purchase just might be your last…for a long, long time.

When it comes to BBQ Grills, we say “Think Outside of the Big Box Stores!” How many barbeques have you owned over the years? Two, three, four or more? Think of the money you’ve invested in those flimsy disposable gas grills, replacing them every few years. Now, think about the value and long-term savings of investing in a quality Barbeque Grill that will probably outlast all the grills you’ve owned, combined!