Empire PVS 35N

At 92% AFUE, the UltraSaver90Plus is the most efficient wall furnace available. Clean, modern cabinet fits any décor. Choose 35,000 or 17,500 Btu.

Simple Operation – For all of its technology, the US90 is surprisingly easy to operate. The built-in control panel lets you operate the wall furnace manually or set the built-in thermostat to maintain the desired temperature.

Versatile Installation – Thanks to its super efficiency, the US90 uses widely available 2-inch PVC pipe or Empire approved Poly pipe for venting. Using PVC requires just a fraction of the material cost and labor involved in steel vent pipe. PVC pipe fits easily inside a standard stud wall, eliminating the additional framing and clearances required for metal vent pipe. The 2-inch PVC pipe can run up to 50 feet to terminate vertically or horizontally.

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