Broilmaster Qrave

Achieving traditional barbecue flavor demands a low temperature, lots of moisture, and a long cooking time.  Broilmaster’s Qrave Grill delivers the goods – and more.  Unlike cookers made with a stamped steel shell, the Qrave Grill’s thick aluminum casting maintains a consistent cooking temperature all day – and all night.  So when your grandfather’s secret pork shoulder recipe calls for 200 to 220 degrees for 14 hours, that’s precisely what you’ll get.The stainless steel drip pan eliminates flare-ups, so you spend more time entertaining and less time lifting the lid.  Drippings fall onto the pan and vaporize to produce flavorful smoke. Excess fat and liquids flow down into the drain channel and out of the grill to the external drip bucket.Available in Natural Gas or LP.  Conversion Kits optional.